Coordinating Body

The Coordinating Body plans, recommends, and coordinates the work and programs of the presbytery. Its responsibilities include:

  1. Leading presbytery in setting broad, overall goals and priorities.
  2. Providing leadership through proposals and/or recommendations to the presbytery as well as its divisions and committees.
  3. Serving as trustees and legal officers of the presbytery.
  4. Handling matters referred to it by presbytery.
  5. Approving proposed plans for presbytery meetings and preparing/ distributing the docket prior to each meeting of the presbytery.
  6. Coordinating the program and mission of the presbytery.
  7. Overseeing personnel functions of presbytery through the Personnel Committee.
  8. Coordinating the communication between presbytery and its committees/divisions.
  9. Receiving and approving the annual mission budget and presenting the budget as information to the presbytery.
  10. Bringing recommendations for approval of administrative commissions to presbytery as needed.
  11. Making recommendations to presbytery regarding changes in the standing rules and Manual of Operations of the presbytery.


Rev. Christopher Tuttle