The Gift of Technology

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Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people say a lot of interesting things about technology in the church.

There’s one big problem with all these statements: they forget that the church has already been saved by Jesus. They repeat the classic problem of the church for a new generation, forgetting that all our human tools of language, translation, and even technology are only instruments through which we are empowered to join in making God’s work known to the world.

A former “digital missioner” put all this in helpful perspective:

If you want to learn to minister online, the challenge is to align your existing ministry instincts with this new environment…. Technology is comparatively straightforward and continues to get easier to use. It’s people who are complicated, and your training and experience indicate that you likely already know something about connecting with people. Moreover, technology isn’t the source of the power of these ministries. It’s true that the method of interactive communication online allows us to reach more (and more varied) people. But it’s the message of the gospel, of God’s transforming love, that will matter for those people. (Kyle Matthew Oliver)

The Presbytery of New Hope has invested in supporting this kind of technology work in inviting me to take up this work among you, helping our congregations deepen their practice of living out the gospel by using God’s gifts of technology to connect us to our world and one another in new ways.

  • Is your session or congregation exploring how technology can be a tool for ministry and yet missing the point of how it needs to connect to the life of the congregation?
  • Are you wondering how to revamp or revitalize some element of your congregation’s technology to help make it a better instrument of God’s mission?
  • Does your church seem too small/too rural/too old for technology to matter? (Wayne Sankarlal would certainly disagree with you.)
  • Are you intimidated by all the options before you and need help finding the best way forward?

If I can help you make better use of the gifts of technology in your congregation to deepen your ministry there, please let me know. I will be planning some workshops and conversations in the coming months so that we can explore some of these questions together as a presbytery, but I am also always available for consultation and conversation along the way! Drop me an email at, give me a call at 919-322-0143 x. 108, or find me whatever way is easiest for you!


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