Mission Strategy

The Presbytery of New Hope’s New Mission Strategy (in brief)

“Root” ministries continue to support the core of the Presbytery, including

  • Committee on Ministry (COM)
  • Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
  • Permanent Judicial Council (PJC)
  • Nominating Committee/Committee on Representation

Coordinating Body (and its corresponding administrative committees, most notably Finance, Property, and Personnel) serve as the “trunk” that holds up and supplies resources for the growth of the branch ministries.

A shift from top-down committee structures to passion-driven ministries around three focal “branches” provides avenues all other committees and ministries of the Presbytery:

  • Life Together
  • Congregational Calling and
  • Nurture of Leaders

What will happen to all the current committees?

The “core” committees listed above will continue to ensure the support of congregations and teaching elders in the Presbytery.

The Coordinating Body will continue to enable the ministries of the Presbytery with greater flexibility, Spirit-filled passion, and creativity, primarily through new passion-driven ministries.

Existing presbytery committees will be either newly envisioned as passion-driven ministries or will sunset beginning in 2017. Every current committee is eligible and invited to apply as a passion-driven ministry and should prayerfully discern its purpose in furthering the Presbytery’s mission, focusing on life together, congregational calling, and nurture of leaders. New passion-driven ministries that align with the Presbytery’s mission may also apply!