How do I apply?

1. Identify your passion.

What is it that you believe you can do together with other congregations and ministries in New Hope Presbytery that aligns with the mission of the Presbytery, supports and equips teaching elders and church leaders, and furthers devotion to Jesus Christ?

2. Gather your partners.

A successful PDM is not a solo-venture. As the disciples were sent out two-by-two, consider who you will partner with in the Presbytery and invite them to join with you.

3. Determine the need and the possible impact.

Ministries, projects and programs should also catalyze people for mission and make real impacts on the lives of people and communities. They should align with the vision of New Hope Presbytery and the three main areas of ministry…Life Together, Congregational Ministry, and Nurture of Leaders. And they should exhibit deepening devotion to Jesus Christ. Priority will be given to ministries, projects or programs which strengthen church leaders, demonstrate sustainability and impact, and engage and support the work of God’s Kingdom embodied in local congregations, communities and ministries.

4. Then, apply!

Fill out the application by July 31, 2017 and submit to

Questions? Please email and a member of Coordinating Body and the PDM review committee will follow-up with you.