Current PDMs

West Raleigh Presbyterian Arts Ministry

A partnership of West Raleigh Presbyterian, The Paperhand Puppet Intervention, St. Giles Presbyterian, Pullen Memorial Baptist and Community United Church of Christ, to host two guest artists, to lead multi-generational groups in sharing their artistic gifts bestowed by God.

Creation Stewardship Ministry

A request by Tama Eller to support her work within the Environmental Ministries Action Network including website costs, printing supplies, and travel. Office space is provided by Westminster Presbyterian.

New Hope Presbyterian Multicultural Ministry

An application by the standing committee to participate in Presbytery Meeting worship, send representatives bi-annually to GA Multicultural Conference, to meet regularly, to support emerging multicultural congregations, and to maintain contact with the Presbytery's Black Caucus.

Westminster/Five Points Moms and Dads

A partnership between Westminster Presbyterian Church and a community service group called Five Points Moms and Dads, for neighborhood outreach, witness and service through two food truck rodeos with charitable components (like a "reverse" or donation food truck), a fall festival, a Stop Hunger Now event, a day camp and a community worship experience.


A request from the former Growing Together mission to create the New Hope Resource Network to create and resource a website as a platform for sharing resources to connect educators, pastors, elders and congregants across the Presbytery, to provide and maintain Reformed and vetted education resources.

New Hope Presbytery Peacemaking Ministry

An application by the standing committee to sponsor Peacemaker visitors, support NAACP NC, Big Tent and other events, sponsor Peacemaking conference attendees, and support a long list of on-going promotional activities.

A Place at the Table

A partnership of West Raleigh Presbyterian and NCSU Presbyterian Campus Ministry, supported by Kirk of Kildaire, St. Andrew's, Brooks Avenue Church of Christ, NCSU Staff Senate, the NCSU Food Bank, Interfaith Food Shuttle, FARM Cafe, and One World Everybody Eats (OWEA), to create a pay-as-you-can cafe in the NCSU/Hillsborough Street neighborhood.

Selma Presbyterian Church

A request by partner churches Selma Presbyterian and Good Samaritan United Church of Christ to offer worship, missional opportunities, community outreach, Christian Education and community resources, especially for older adults and families with special needs children. Worship in particular is tailored to make children with unusual behaviors fell welcome comfortable, and engaged.

Older Adult Ministry Team

A request from the standing Older Adults Ministry Committee for support for two Older Adult Ministry Training events (in different parts of the Presbytery), in collaboration with other groups, to help congregations analyze, develop and strengthen ministries with older adults.