Core Vision and Values

Our Core Values:

  • We are committed to a deepening devotion to Jesus Christ, living in response to the good news of the gospel.
  • We are committed to fostering relationships among individuals and congregations in the presbytery.
  • We are committed to a posture of service and worship as we are shaped and formed by the reality of God’s kingdom.
  • We are committed to engaging and supporting the work of that kingdom as it is embodied in local congregations, communities, and ministries.
  • We are committed to demonstrating a Reformed witness to the Triune God in our governance and our mission (connectional, confessional, evangelical and ecumenical)

Our Core Ministries:

  • We will work to support, welcome, and nurture teaching elders (including supporting transitions in ministry, CPM/candidates, pastoral care for teaching elders, healthy boundaries, PJC)
  • We will work to connect and resource local congregations for their mission
  • We will work to communicate across and throughout the presbytery in order to foster our life together.
  • We will work to maintain and nurture connections with other councils in the PC(USA)