Passion Driven Ministry

What’s a Passion Driven Ministry?

Presbytery of New Hope’s new mission strategy provides partnership funds for passion-driven ministries (PDM). This aims to align with the Presbytery’s purpose of fostering relationships and partnerships among member churches and local communities to become vital in ministry and mission.

The primary principles undergirding the criteria are:

  • Partnering with others
  • Catalyzing people for mission
  • Projects that are sustainable and make real impacts on the lives of people and communities.

Characteristics of passion-driven ministries eligible for funding:

  • Aligns with the vision of New Hope Presbytery and the three main areas of ministry: Life Together, Congregational Ministries and Nurture of Leaders
  • Supports, nurtures, and equips Teaching Elders, Certified Ruling Elders and Church Educators
  • Connects with two or more congregations and/or entities (i.e., non-profit, corporations, community-based organizations, etc.) in ways that exemplify models of ministry built around partnership and relationship.
  • Exhibits a deepening devotion to Jesus Christ, living in response to the good news of the Gospel.

Priority will be given to passion-driven ministries with these characteristics:

  1. Project leaders or sponsors have attended a New Hope Presbytery-sponsored Leadership Summit where Presbytery priorities will be taught and modeled.
  2. Emerging projects in the Presbytery that have not traditionally received funding, or existing ones that can demonstrate how they have been changed to better align with Presbytery priorities.
  3. Projects that develop and strengthen church leaders through training, mentoring and intentional relationships.
  4. Projects that demonstrate sustainability and impact.
  5. Projects committed to engaging and supporting the work of God’s Kingdom as it is embodied in local congregations, communities and ministries.

For more information about PDMs and how you can apply, see the links below:

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