Lenten Reflection Series with Tom Harris: Sacred Places

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Place matters. “We locate the Holy Presence concretely on the earth. ‘The place where you are standing.’ Yahweh says in Exodus, ‘is holy’…Steeping ourselves in a place, simmering in its bounties, celebrating its wonders, and loving its peculiarities are necessary steps on a spiritual journey.” Our experiences do not happen outside of geographical places—place shapes our identities, the way we …

Loving Attentiveness – Rev. Rebecca Reyes

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Spiritual disciplines provide a centering point that grounds us in God’s love and helps us to discern God’s will. Attentiveness is this week’s Lenten theme as Rev. Rebecca Reyes encourages us to be still and take a “Long Loving Look at the Real” – see this.  Without intentional moments of noticing, we miss a lot. “All kinds of wonderful and important …

Human Trafficking Webinar

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Thanks for joining us for the human trafficking webinar! Here is the resource packet and recording of the webinar. (Please note that the recording starts a few minutes into the webinar due to a technical error by the producer/host.) HTR Webinar Resource Packet PowerPoint Presentation

2016 World Cafe Report

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    World Café: Nurturing Ministries Report …Discerning        …Transformative               …Relational Body of Christ     At the October Presbytery Meeting at the Outer Banks, commissioners were given an opportunity to engage in a World Café. This provided opportunities for Commissioners to listen to one another around issues of prayer and spirituality. …

Choosing Welcome

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In the heart of the busiest weeks of the election season, Hillsborough, North Carolina, drew attention from around the world as the county Republican headquarters was firebombed and heavily damaged. In those same busy days, though, one part of that same community stepped in to offer a word of hope in the weariness of these days. This summer, in response to …

The Gift of Technology

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Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people say a lot of interesting things about technology in the church. Using the right technology will make the church grow/bring in young people. Technology will make the church cool and relevant again. Technology will save the church. There’s one big problem with all these statements: they forget that the church has …