New Hope Foundation

Purpose cultivate memorial gifts, bequests, and other contributions to be used in the ministry of the Presbytery of New Hope and churches within the Presbytery. receive and invest such gifts and bequests, and to apply them as directed by the donor. educate the Presbytery concerning the opportunities for Christian Stewardship through deferred giving. extend the opportunity of Christian outreach in the Presbytery beyond that now afforded by the annual benevolence budget of Presbytery and local congregations.

Goals and Objectives encourage gifts to meet capital needs of new church development and camps. promote wills as a means of giving to the church and its mission. provide promotional literature explaining ways the Presbyterian Foundation funds mission through wills, bequests and gift planning.

An endowment is a gift of a portion of a person’s life that will eternally keep the light of God alive in the world.

(Listed below are existing endowments that are already set-up and funded)

  • Albemarle Pier Fund
  • Virgil Ashbaugh Fund providing income to support Camp Albemarle program needs
  • Cora Harrison Fund providing income used to supplement the income of disabled ministers in The New Hope Presbytery
  • Maryland Hickerson Fund providing income for missionary support in Africa
  • Enoch Kearney School Fund provide scholarships for seniors at Rolesville-Wake Forest High School
  • McNair Trust Fund Quasi-endowment fund designated for church development
  • Helen Mozingo Fund provide scholarships for education and renewal to small church pastors and lay people in the Presbytery of New Hope
  • Mary Smith Fund providing loans to support candidates for ministry
  • Stone Estate Fund providing a principal amount used to provide loans to churches secured by a first mortgage on real property as well as income for church development in the Presbytery of New Hope
  • Jesse Lee Thomas Fund an educational trust for the benefit and use of candidates for ministry in the Presbyterian Church
  • D.P. Faust Estate provides assistance to weak churches having financial difficulties

Stewardship Beyond Our Lifetime

Gift Planning

(Listed below are suggestions of how people can give)

Charitable Gift Annuity provides the donor guaranteed payments for life at a rate based upon the donor's age when the gift is made.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust provides for separate investment of the gift and for income payments at least annually to one or more living beneficiaries.

Many Presbyterians are extending their stewardship beyond their lifetime with gifts to the church of a part of the assets they have accumulated.

Revocable Life Income Plan provides income for the life of the donor. After the life of the donor, the gift becomes irrevocable and may continue to provide income to others or to support the work of the church.

Wills and Bequests

The advantages of a will and the reasons for making one are compelling: A will guarantees that your assets will be distributed exactly as you want rather than distributed at the discretion of the state. The well-being of your loved ones will be assured, and the causes that mean the most to you can be supported.

A donor can designate a portion of life insurance, IRA, or mutual funds to provide a gift for a donor's mission interest; donor has to execute a 'change of beneficiary' form.

Donors should consult legal advice when formulating a charitable gift; and consult the Presbytery office or your church about receiving the gift.


The Presbytery of New Hope is administered by the Finance and Property Committee. For information on applying for funding from the existing endowments, please contact The Presbytery of New Hope office.

Christians literally “make memories” when they remember the work of the church in their wills and through their bequests.