Ministries of Mission

Pennies for Hunger

The Presbytery of New Hope Hunger Fund is a program funded by special offerings received from congregations throughout the Presbytery. The program receives approximately $75,000 to $80,000 per year in contributions that are distributed for local and international hunger needs. The Presbytery's Ministries of Mission Committee determines which hunger programs will be funded based upon grant requests received on behalf of various hunger-related agencies and groups. The distribution of hunger funds to local and international groups is as follows: 50% for international projects, 40% for domestic projects, and 10% for hunger education.

Numerous grants have been given to hunger programs in communities throughout the Presbytery of New Hope. Grant requests to fund local hunger programs come from Presbytery of New Hope congregations who either sponsor a hunger program or are involved in a community-wide ecumenical effort addressing hunger. Grant requests for the funding of international hunger projects come from Presbytery of New Hope congregations.

Domestic and International Hunger Grants

The Ministries of Mission Committee of the Presbytery awards grants annually for international and domestic hunger projects. For international hunger grants, the project must have the endorsement of a governing body or agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). For domestic hunger grants, the program must operate within the borders of the Presbytery of New Hope and it must have at least one Presbyterian church involved in the planning, implementation or endorsement of the program.