Centering Prayer: Lenten Reflection by Rev. Katie Crowe

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To live for Christ, we must die with him. New life requires a daily surrendering of the old life,  letting go of the present order, so that we may embrace the new humanity

During Lent, we journey for 40 days with Jesus as he heads to the cross.  For 40 days, we relive his journey by ridding ourselves of distractions and selfish desires so that we can see more clearly his sacrifice and death.

Signs Of Hope is the theme for New Hope Presbytery’s 2017 Lenten Reflection Series. Each week, I will post a video for reflection.  During Holy Week, there will be a video posted daily.

Today’s conversation partner, Rev. Katie Crowe, uses Centering Prayer to take us on a journey of reflection and preparation.

Centering prayer was distilled from the Christian contemplative heritage (i.e. desert fathers and mothers) by William Meninger, Basil Pennington, and Thomas Keating (three Trappist monks).  It provides a way to break through the “noise” of thoughts that can clutter our minds and helps one to cultivate silence so that one can listen to God

I invite you to watch each reflection daily using the questions to deepen your reflection on your journey during Lent.  So, each day, answer the questions at the end of each video, reflect upon your faith, and try practicing the spiritual discipline of centering prayer.

Feel free to use the videos with your Sunday School classes, Bible Study groups, and small group gatherings.

This week’s video can be found at: or on the New Hope Presbytery Facebook page.

If there are questions, please contact Vanessa Hawkins at


Peace and blessings,  Rev. A. Vanessa Hawkins

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