2016 World Cafe Report

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World Café: Nurturing Ministries Report



              …Relational Body of Christ




At the October Presbytery Meeting at the Outer Banks, commissioners were given an opportunity to engage in a World Café. This provided opportunities for Commissioners to listen to one another around issues of prayer and spirituality. It also provided me with an opportunity to gain helpful information for the Nurturing Ministry.

New Hope Presbytery commissioners gathered in October to discussed three questions in a World Café model. Commissioners expressed a desire to be discerning, transformative, and relational body. Some stated that there is a host of human resources within this presbytery. We just need to continue to figure out how to make deeper connections with each other so as to better resource each other. Not only can presbytery staff resource local congregations, but some commissioners stated that they expect other congregations to resource each other. What that can mean in concrete terms is that there has to be more collaborative efforts among us—there has to a “reaching out” to see who needs help and to ask for resourcing when needed.

Thus, far I have begun to define this ministry and to identify three goals. Nurturing Ministries seeks to provide opportunities for (self-) care of leaders, to build relationships, and to support spiritual formation.

I define Nurturing Ministries as opportunities to create and nurture spaces for hospitality, Sabbath, contemplative practices, spiritual companionship, openness to God’s presence, and spiritual growth; encourage leaders to foster relationships, engage the practical wisdom of peers, and embody the interrelatedness of our spiritual traditions; nurture a deepening devotion to Jesus Christ and awareness of God’s presence in one’s everyday practices; and encourage leaders to cultivate an experiential relationship with God by connecting head and heart matters. This means that this office has to continue to make connections throughout the presbytery to not just resource leaders, but also to connect them when I see commonalities among them, or a need for fellowship, or a need for the creation of a discerning space for dialogue.

The full report can be seen here: world-cafe-report-2

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